At Kix Tanning you can darken your skin, and lighten your mood, with a little UV therapy, on the side.

When you choose UV tanning, you are not alone. Millions of people, around the world, make the sensible choice to seek out moderate UV exposure for a number of different reasons.

As members of The International Smart Tan Network, it’s our responsibility to help guide you in the proper use of UV, and to ensure you have a positive experience with us each, and every time.

When you’re ready to begin tanning, call us at 604-737-1101, or drop in, at 2803 West 16th Ave, Vancouver. We’ll give you a tour of our facility, and explain all your tanning choices. (Click here to view equipment)

We’ll ask a few questions about your skin, and tanning history, to better assess your skin type.

We suggest a tanning schedule that suits your needs, and you’re ready to tan.

  • We supply sanitized eye protection, towels, spring water, and toiletries.

  • Each room is private, and meticulously cleaned, after each client.

  • Rooms have stereo music from Sirius Satellite Radio, with individual volume, and on/off control.

  • We meter and change our tanning lamps regularly, well before manufacturers suggested limits.

  • For your convenience, we will store your tanning lotions on premise.


Many medications, cosmetics, and even certain foods, can be photosensitive.
The consequences of UV exposure while using anything that has photosensitive properties, can result in itchiness, or an uncomfortable rash, and possibly sunburn.

Most prescription medications deemed Photosensitive, should display a warning label but, please check the list, posted prominently at Kix, or if you’re unsure, consult your pharmacist, or physician, before UV tanning.

Always wear the sanitized protective eyewear we provide, or purchase your own pair, and sanitized them each time, before tanning.

A smart UV tan does not happen overnight. If you are tanning to prepare for a vacation, or special occasion, we recommend you start 3-4 weeks prior, depending on your skin type, and desired result.

Most people will see pigment change after 2-3 sessions, and have a great tan after 8-10 sessions. We do not recommend tanning consecutively, everyday. It’s best to wait 48 hours between tanning sessions, as UV exposure can have a cumulative effect and a delayed reaction.

You’ll see the best results if you tan with clean, moisturized skin. If possible, shower and exfoliate before your session, rather than after.
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Check the labels on your at home skin care products for high level SPF’s (Sun Protection Factors) that could inhibit your progress. SPF’s are very useful however, for uncontrolled outdoor exposure, or for covering any specific problem areas, and fresh tattoos.

If you want a tan right away and can't wait, or your skin type is not suited for UV tanning... Click here for Sunless Tanning.

Don't waste your money on a bad Sunless Tan!

For results you can be proud of come to the experts at Kix Tanning.

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250 Eclipse

Ultimate Coverage with 7 Minute Maximum Exposure Time.

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Coco Cabana

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